Why Travel?

Frank Bures, writing for Bicycling magazine, put the words into my head: "once the idea grabbed hold of my psyche, it wouldn't let go." Yes! That's it exactly. Once the idea for an excursion grabs hold, it just doesn't let go until my journey is complete.

After reflecting on this, I've come to the conclusion that travel is not a luxury. It's a necessity. Why do I say this? Because travel is transformational. Growing up in a stable home is very important. But if we never venture from that home, we run the risk of becoming narrow minded. A well-traveled person broadens his or her horizons and begins to see others in a new light. The proverbial 'blinders' come off, and we begin to understand and appreciate our fellow man in a way that's just not possible if we stay in one spot all our lives. The result? We become more resourceful and able to solve problems.

Travel is educational. Learning about places or people is intriguing and fascinating. It can give us a new perspective on our own life, even allowing us to make beneficial lifestyle changes.

Travel is an experience that creates lasting memories. Who of us does not remember our childhood travels, even if they were only to the local Dairy Queen for an ice cream cone?

Travel allows us to disconnect from our daily lives and the stresses it creates. It  "recharges" our batteries so that we come home more relaxed and able to handle stress better. And who doesn't need that?

So, please, let travel grab hold of your psyche. I think that you'll be glad you did.