Thursday, July 25, 2013

North Carolina Writers Network - West

I'm happy to share this recent announcement. Although it requires me to remind my readers that my full name is Kathleen Ellen and I evidently have decided to cause confusion by using both names...anyway, Ellen is me, and Kathleen is me.

July 23, 2013

Dear Netwest Members -

The North Carolina Writers’ Network is pleased to announce Ellen Schofield of Murphy as the new Program Coordinator for NCWN-West.

As Program Coordinator, Ellen will stay in touch with Network members throughout the NCWN-West region, which encompasses North Carolina’s nine westernmost counties, as well as the adjacent counties of Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

She also will be responsible for coordinating the activities of NCWN-West’s volunteer County Reps, recruiting new volunteers to be County Reps, recruiting and coordinating with other volunteers, and developing new programs for all NCWN-West members.

“My goal is to build upon the community of Netwest,” Ellen said. “One way that I hope to do this is with classes, workshops, and conferences that will allow Netwest to become ever more inclusive of writers of all ages and genres, while engendering a climate of learning.”

Ellen has lived in the North Carolina mountains since 2006, and has worked for several area nonprofits. She has written travel articles for the Smoky Mountain Press, as well as other newspapers, and produced economic development brochures for Handmade in America’s “Small Towns Program.” Her husband Paul is also a writer, and also a member of Netwest.

NCWN-West is the Network’s only chapter, organized in 1992 to serve writers in the state’s mountainous southwest corner, where geography and distance often prevent writers from attending the Network’s statewide events. Netwest’s mission is to alleviate the isolation of writers living in the far-western mountains of North Carolina by providing accessible programs, resources, and community.

As Program Coordinator, Ellen will develop, implement, and/or maintain these programs, resources, and community, in a manner consistent with the mission and values of the North Carolina Writers’ Network. She will work closely with members throughout Netwest territory, as well as with the Network staff and trustees.

Netwest members can contact Ellen at


Ed Southern
Executive Director

North Carolina Writers' Network

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